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We Connect

Automate your LinkedIn invites, messaging, and profile engagements.

Best for: We Connect is best known for automating mundane LinkedIn tasks like sending invites, thank you messages, etc, to streamline.

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We Connect
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What is We Connect?


We Connect (, is a LinkedIn automation tool that helps you streamline your sales activities on the social platform. It has 9 campaign functions ranging from sending LinkedIn connection invites and messaging 1st connections to visiting clients profiles and messaging group members. The tool helps blend personalization and automation in the highly-restrictive environment of LinkedIn.

Why do we love We Connect?


We love We Connect for it's automation of mundane, yet vital, functions like sending connection requests and kicking off conversations with ideal customers. LinkedIn always has and always will have high conversion rates. We Connect is a profile-safe tool to put conversations on auto-pilot.

Key highlights

Smart Sequences
You can take LinkedIn to a next level and instruct We Connect what to do when the invite is accepted like send follow up messages, endorse skills, visit profile or like a post again.
AI Writer
With AI Writer, you will no longer have to leave the We-Connect app to create your LinkedIn invite and follow-up messages. It's like having Chat GPT within the We-Connect app.
Free InMails
Skip inviting new contacts and waiting for them to accept your invite. Instead, straightaway send free InMails to members with open profiles using We-Connect.
Lead Tracking
Tag, Pause, Blacklist contacts. Slice and dice the data the way you want. Track all your contacts. View who is invited, connected, pending, where they are in the sequence.
Sync Data
Keep your CRM and other third party apps updated with the API & Zapier Integration options. Also import contacts into a We-Connect campaign directly from your CRM.

Common Use Cases

  • Get Fresh Leads Increase your invite acceptance rate and nudge prospects using smart functions sequences.
  • Leverage 1st Connections Greet new connections and get attention from customers and decision makers.
  • Maximize Groups Send direct messages without connecting. Stay out of weekly invite limits.
  • Send InMails It's another great way to get new leads and stay out of weekly invite limits.
  • Improve Conversions Leverage We Connect's library of videos and articles on best practices.

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