SavvyCal as a scheduling tool, enables users to organize their meetings in a collaborative way.

Best for: SavvyCal is best for simplifying and optimizing the process of scheduling meetings or appointments, reducing coordination overhead.

Use the tool
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What is SavvyCal?


SavvyCal is a meeting scheduling tool designed to simplify the process of setting up meetings by eliminating the back-and-forth often associated with finding a suitable time for both parties. Unlike traditional iCloud calendar applications, SavvyCal allows users to create personalized links to schedule that can be shared, enabling recipients to pick available slots based on real-time calendar availability. Its intuitive interface and integration capabilities ensure that both organizers and attendees have a seamless experience, making appointment setting faster and more efficient.

Why do we love SavvyCal?


We love SavvyCal because it transforms the collective scheduling into a hassle-free experience. The personalized scheduling links allow us to take control of our availability while giving the recipient the freedom to choose a time that works best for them within the time blocks. This mutual convenience eliminates the endless back-and-forth emails, saving us invaluable time. Moreover, its ability to integrate with our existing calendars ensures we're never double-booked. In essence, SavvyCal provides a blend of flexibility and efficiency that's rare in a scheduling tool, making our professional interactions smoother and more respectful of everyone's time.

Key highlights

Personalized Scheduling Links
Create and share custom links tailored to your availability, allowing recipients to easily schedule appointments.
Real-time Calendar Integration
Sync with existing calendars to ensure your availability is always up-to-date, preventing any double-bookings.
Time Zone Auto-detection
SavvyCal automatically detects and adjusts for different time zones, ensuring clarity and convenience for international meetings.
Overlay Scheduling
Compare multiple calendars to find common availability, ideal for coordinating group sessions or team meetings.
Customizable Availability Settings
Set specific durations, buffers between meetings, and preferred time slots to maintain control over your schedule.

Common Use Cases

  • One-on-One Meetings Professionals sharing their availability for the time to meet, such as consultations, interviews, or catch-ups.
  • Group Sessions Coordinating multiple participants for webinars, team meetings, or collaborative sessions.
  • Event Registrations Allowing attendees to select slots for events, workshops, or classes.
  • Customer Support or Demos Businesses offering product demos or support sessions to clients or potential customers.
  • Personal Appointments Individuals coordinating personal events, like coaching sessions, tutoring, or informal gatherings.

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