Salesforce Customer 360

Most comprehensive CRM and ecosystem for managing the customer journey.

Best for: Salesforce Customer 360 is best for providing businesses with a comprehensive view of every customer to enhance personalization and drive customer-centric strategies.

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Salesforce Customer 360
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What is Salesforce Customer 360?


Salesforce Customer 360 is an integrated CRM platform designed to provide businesses with a 360 degree view of their customers across all touchpoints. Part of Salesforce's robust suite of solutions, Customer 360 pulls data across various sources, departments, and channels, breaking down silos and centralizing customer engagement. This enables companies to have a complete understanding of every customer's experience, from initial contact to ongoing engagements, facilitating more personalized and efficient interactions.

Why do we love Salesforce Customer 360?


We love Salesforce Customer 360 because it eliminates the fragmented view of our salesforce customers that arises from data residing in disparate systems. With its centralizing capability, we gain a comprehensive perspective on each customer's experiences, preferences, and history. This 360-degree view empowers us to make more informed decisions, tailor our communications more precisely, and foster deeper, more meaningful relationships with our customers. The seamless integration with other Salesforce modules and third-party applications means that this enriched view is constantly updated, ensuring we're always acting on the latest and most relevant information.

Key highlights

Unified Customer View
Centralize data from various touchpoints to provide a comprehensive perspective on each customer.
Seamless Integrations
Easily integrate with other Salesforce modules and third-party systems to enrich and update the customer profile.
Data-driven Decision Making
Utilize the holistic view of customers to guide business strategies, from marketing to sales to support.
Enhanced Personalization
Leverage deep customer insights to tailor interactions, ensuring relevancy and building stronger relationships.
Scalable and Modular
Adapt and expand the platform's capabilities as business needs grow, ensuring the Customer 360 view evolves with the organization.

Common Use Cases

  • Personalized Marketing Campaigns Tailoring marketing efforts based on a comprehensive understanding of each customer's interaction and preferences.
  • Enhanced Customer Support Accessing complete customer profiles during support interactions to provide more relevant and effective assistance.
  • Sales Optimization Guiding sales strategies and pitches with deep insights into customer behavior and engagement history.
  • Segmentation and Analysis Grouping customers based on various criteria for targeted strategies or deeper analytics.
  • Integrated Ecosystem Combining data from various Salesforce modules and third-party tools to enhance the Customer 360 view.

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