Account Based Marketing


Improve your ABM efforts with Salesforce-native account planning and relationship mapping.

Best for: Prolifiq is best for maximizing an ABM sales strategy for those that are already Salesforce users.

Use the tool
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What is Prolifiq?


Prolifiq is one of the most advanced, yet intuitive, ABM platforms on the market. It helps Account Executives and Account Managers "land and expand" enterprise accounts in a more organized fashion. With the ability to create custom plans to land, maintain, grow, and save accounts, it provides executives the transparency into sales efforts they need to be successful. Furthermore, the relationship-mapping and cross-selling templates are some of the easiest to use.

Why do we love Prolifiq?


We love Prolifiq because it's a game-changer in how we empower sales teams. Its content management tools ensure we always have the right account plans at our fingertips, tailored to each unique customer interaction. The platform's analytics give us a clear picture of what works and what doesn't, allowing us to continuously refine our strategies. Furthermore, the communication tools embedded in Prolifiq foster more seamless and efficient interactions with our customers, making every engagement more meaningful. In essence, Prolifiq boosts our confidence in sales situations by ensuring we're always equipped with the best resources and insights.

Key highlights

Tailored Content Delivery
Customize and adapt sales materials to resonate with specific audiences, ensuring relevance in every interaction.
Efficient Communication Tools
Foster seamless interactions with prospects and customers, enhancing the quality of sales engagements.
Actionable Sales Analytics
Gain insights into sales performance, understanding the effectiveness of materials and strategies.
Integrated Content Management
Organize and access sales materials with ease, streamlining preparation for sales interactions.
Collaborative Environment
Facilitate teamwork within sales teams, sharing insights, strategies, and resources efficiently.

Common Use Cases

  • Sales Leaders Visualize key deal progression to manage deals at risk
  • Operations Identify planning and strategizing best practices of top-performing reps
  • ‍Account Management Build out goals and action plans to achieve quick wins
  • ‍Key Account Planning Leverage relationship maps,  cross-sell maps, SWOT analysis, etc.
  • ‍Content Management Recommend content to reps depending on account and stage

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