Easy-to-use, but heavily customizable proposal and contract system.

Best for: PandaDoc is best for streamlining the creation, collaboration, and electronic signatures of sales documents, enhancing efficiency and professionalism in communication workflows.

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What is PandaDoc?


PandaDoc is a comprehensive digital document automation platform designed to facilitate the creation, distribution, and e-signing of a business document. Primarily tailored for sales teams, it offers an array of tools to produce professional proposals, contracts, quotes, and other vital documents. With its intuitive editor and a library of customizable features, crafting polished sales documents becomes seamless. Beyond creation, PandaDoc integrates the capability of electronic signatures, ensuring fast and legally-binding signing processes. Additionally, its robust analytics provide insights into how customers engage with sent documents, enabling better follow-ups. By integrating with various CRM systems, it further simplifies document management and tracking, making it an indispensable tool for businesses aiming for efficiency and professionalism in their document workflows.

Why do we love PandaDoc?


We love PandaDoc because it has revolutionized the way we handle our document workflow. Gone are the days of cumbersome document management and tedious back-and-forth email chains. With PandaDoc, we can swiftly create a professional and interactive document using its intuitive editor and a plethora of customizable templates. The platform's capability of electronic signatures have expedited our deal closures, eliminating the waiting period, often associated with traditional signing processes to save time. Additionally, the embedded analytics offer a unique window into our customers' engagement, granting us valuable insights for more effective follow-ups. What truly sets PandaDoc apart for us, though, is its seamless integration with our CRM systems, ensuring that every document, be it a proposal or a contract, is meticulously tracked and managed. In essence, PandaDoc has become an invaluable cornerstone in our pursuit of efficiency and excellence in business communications.

Key highlights

Dynamic Document Creation
With its intuitive editor and a rich library of templates, PandaDoc allows users to effortlessly craft interactive and professional-looking documents tailored for various business needs.
Electronic Signature Integration
PandaDoc's e-signature capabilities ensure a fast, efficient, and legally-binding signing process, eliminating the delays often associated with traditional document signing.
Real-time Collaboration Tools
Multiple stakeholders can collaborate directly within a document, adding comments, making edits, and discussing content in real-time, streamlining document finalization.
Insightful Document Analytics
Gain a deeper understanding of recipient engagement through PandaDoc's analytics, which provide data on document open times, most-viewed sections, and signature timestamps.
Seamless CRM Integrations
With its ability to integrate into popular CRM systems, PandaDoc ensures that document workflows are effortlessly managed and tracked within a company's existing sales and management infrastructure.

Common Use Cases

  • Proposal Generation Sales teams use PandaDoc to create detailed and professional proposals for potential customers, leveraging templates and interactive elements to enhance presentation.
  • Contract Creation and Signing Businesses draft contracts and agreements within PandaDoc, then send them to relevant parties for electronic signatures, streamlining the approval process.
  • Quotation and Invoicing Companies can quickly generate itemized quotes or invoices for products and services, ensuring transparent and efficient billing.
  • Employment Offers and Onboarding HR departments utilize PandaDoc to send out employment offers and onboard new hires, ensuring all relevant documents are signed and stored digitally.
  • Collaborative Document Editing Teams collaborate in real-time on documents, adding comments, suggestions, or directly editing the content, ensuring consistent and efficient document finalization.
  • Document Tracking Sales and business development professionals track sent files to monitor when they're opened, which sections were viewed the most, and when they're signed.
  • Content Library Utilization To speed up the document creation process, teams frequently use stored content pieces, like product details or legal clauses, from the platform's content library.
  • Integration with CRM Systems By integrating with popular CRM platforms, businesses can effortlessly synchronize contacts and manage document workflows within their existing sales and management processes.

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