AI Voice Analytics

Conversational AI for post-meeting insights, transcripts, and summaries.

Best for: is best used to transcribe meetings, capture and make a voice conversation from meetings and calls searchable and shareable.

Use the tool
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What is

Objectives is an AI-powered platform designed to transcribe meetings, search, and share conversation intelligence from meetings and calls. By automatically joining meetings on various channels, Fireflies recording captures a conversation, analyze voice conversations, transcribes them in real-time, and provides super summaries of each session. This not only ensures that critical details on key topics from discussions are never missed but also facilitates a team to collaborate and follow-up by making meeting insights accessible and shareable.

Why do we love


We love Fireflies ai because it serves as our fireflies ai assistant, ensuring that no other key metrics or tasks are overlooked. Gone are the days of manual transcripts or trying to capture specific details post-meeting with meeting notes. With, everything is captured and made searchable, streamlining our post-meeting workflow, creating a customized experience. The automatic feature to transcribe meetings is incredibly accurate, and the ability to integrate with our existing apps means that meeting insights are always at our fingertips, ready to guide actions and strategies.

Key highlights

Real-time Transcription
Get accurate transcriptions of voice conversations as they happen, ensuring every detail is captured.
Seamless Integrations
Integrate with popular meeting platforms and productivity tools for a unified workflow.
Searchable Conversations
Effortlessly search through transcriptions to pinpoint specific details or insights from past meetings.
Share meeting records with teammates, enhancing collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
Automated Meeting Join
Set to automatically join scheduled meetings, ensuring consistent recording without manual intervention.

Common Use Cases

  • Meeting Transcription Automatically transcribe meetings to ensure all details are captured and documented.
  • Sales Calls Recording and transcribing sales conversations for review, training, and strategy formulation.
  • Collaborative Projects Capturing team meetings and brainstorming sessions to ensure all ideas and tasks are documented.
  • Training & Onboarding Documenting training sessions for new employees for future reference and consistency.
  • Client Meetings Keeping a record of client conversations, ensuring clarity in deliverables and feedback.

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