Elto Dialer

Elto is an AI-powered parallel dialer.

Best for: Elto is best for dialing 6+ contacts in parallel, detecting when someone answers, and dropping into the conversation instantly.

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Elto Dialer
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What is Elto Dialer?


Elto is an AI-powered parallel dialer that saves reps time by dialing multiple prospects concurrently. Elto attaches AI listeners to each dial to detect outcomes, dropping reps into human pickups immediately and leaving voicemails on unanswered calls. Reps who use Elto get 3-5x as many conversations with prospects by not wasting time on the 95%+ of calls that don’t connect. Elto integrates natively with most CRMs and Sales Engagement Platforms, syncing dispositions, sequences, and call outcomes automatically. 

Why do we love Elto Dialer?


The Revenue Institute loves Elto for how productive it makes reps, without losing human touch. Unlike a power dialer when you can dial one number quickly, or an AI dialer that completely removes humanity from sales, Elto let's you dial 6 numbers at a time and then drops you into the conversation without a lag. While other dialers have beeps and delays in dropping a user in, Elto is the best we've seen for speed and without beeps.

Key highlights

AI Parallel Dialing
Dial multiple prospects at once, saving hours of time usually spent waiting on dial tones and voicemails.
Instant Voicemail Drop
Leave pre-recorded voicemails automatically, without having to listen in on the call.
Import sequences, sync dispositions, and write back call notes automatically for every single dial. Minimize the need for manual bookkeeping, and ensure that all systems are up-to-date with dialing activity.
Automatic Recording & Transcription
Collect every single dial (where regulations permit) and export to external systems.
Detailed Analytics
Get a quick overview of team dialing activity or dive into the specifics of rep performance.

Common Use Cases

  • Outbound Outreach: Dial 6 prospect at a time.
  • ABM Marketing: Reach out to multiple prospects in one company.
  • Customer Outreach: Follow up with users and customers at once.

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