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Identify and analyze online conversations from your prospects across the web.

Best for: Brand24 excels in online reputation management and monitoring across social media, providing real-time customer insights for businesses to effectively navigate their digital presence and address public sentiment.

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What is Brand24?


Brand24 is a digital tool designed for social media monitoring and brand reputation management. It allows companies and individuals to measure brand awareness, products, or any specific keywords across various online platforms, including social media, blogs, forums, and news sites. By gathering real-time data on these mentions, Brand24 provides valuable customer insights into public sentiment, offering sentiment analysis to distinguish positive, negative, or neutral feedback. Additionally, users receive timely alerts for new and neutral mentions, especially those that might require immediate attention. This comprehensive monitoring ensures businesses can proactively engage with their audience, manage potential PR issues, and maintain a pulse on their online reputation.

Why do we love Brand24?


We love Brand24 because it acts as our digital ear to the ground, keeping us constantly informed about what's being said about our brand online. It doesn't just passively collect data; it analyzes and deciphers the tone of conversations, giving us a clear picture of our reputation in real-time. This tool has empowered us to celebrate positive feedback and swiftly address concerns or misconceptions, fostering trust and building stronger relationships with our audience. The intuitive dashboard and timely alerts ensure we never miss a beat, making Brand24 an indispensable ally in our quest for maintaining a robust and positive online presence.

Key highlights

Real-time Online Monitoring
Brand24 actively scans the web, capturing mentions of specific keywords, brands, or products, ensuring users are always informed about their online presence.
Sentiment Analysis
With its intelligent analysis capabilities, Brand24 categorizes mentions as positive, negative, or neutral, providing a quick overview of public sentiment surrounding a brand or campaign.
Instant Alerts for Critical Mentions
Users receive timely notifications, particularly for negative mentions, enabling swift responses and effective crisis management.
Influencer Score Assessment
Brand24 evaluates the reach and influence of individuals or sources mentioning the brand, assisting companies in identifying key influencers or notable voices in their domain.
Comprehensive Analytics Dashboard
The platform offers an intuitive dashboard that showcases detailed insights, including volume trends, source breakdowns, and sentiment distributions, facilitating informed decision-making.

Common Use Cases

Common uses of Brand24 include:

  • Online Reputation Management Users monitor online mentions of their brand or products across the internet to understand and manage their online reputation.
  • Crisis Management By receiving real-time alerts, especially for negative mentions, businesses can address potential PR crises promptly.
  • Competitor Analysis Companies track mentions of competitors to gain insights of their target audience into their online reputation and activities, which can inform strategic decisions.
  • Influencer Identification By assessing the reach and influence of those mentioning the brand for brand awareness, companies can identify potential influencers for collaborations.
  • Campaign Effectiveness Businesses can gauge the success and reach of marketing campaigns by monitoring online mentions and sentiment around specific campaign keywords.
  • Customer Feedback and Engagement Brand24 facilitates direct engagement with mentions, allowing businesses to respond to customer queries, feedback, or complaints.
  • Market Research By monitoring broader industry or product-related keywords, businesses can gain insights into market trends, demands, and sentiments.
  • Content Ideas Generation Seeing what audiences are discussing can inspire content that resonates, whether it's for blogs, social posts, or other marketing materials.

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