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AI-driven prospecting system revolutionizing outbound sales automation.

Best for: is ideal for helping sales professionals find leads, sales engagement, and data enrichment through its integrated platform, offering deeper insights to optimize business growth strategies.

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What is

Objectives, the sales engagement platform trusted by millions, is designed to help sales teams and sales professionals to accelerate their growth through the integration of sales, marketing, and data  functionalities. Businesses use enhance their lead generation, sales outreach, and data management efforts. Some of the largest global enterprises down to rapidly growing startups use Apollo to go to market.

Why do we love


We love because it's a game-changer for our sales intelligence engagement and brings deeper insights, including conversation intelligence. The system also provides sales intelligence, lead intelligence, and the ability to automate workflows. With, everything is streamlined and integrated into one cohesive platform.

The vast database empowers us to find leads that are perfectly aligned with our target audience, saving us countless hours of manual research. Its automation features, like email sequencing, ensure that our outreach efforts are both consistent and personalized, leading to higher contact rates. The analytics provide real-time insights, allowing us to adjust our strategies on the fly and ensuring we're always getting the best ROI. Additionally, the seamless integration with our existing tech stack means we don’t have to reinvent the wheel; everything just works.

Every time we use, we're reminded of how much more efficient and effective our sales process has become with actionable analytics. It also provides tailored coaching, the ability to track emails, and helps us close deals with our ideal buyers. Moreover, it enables us to close deals with our ideal buyers and achieve our sales goals.

Key highlights

Robust Lead Database boasts a comprehensive database, enabling users to swiftly identify and target market potential leads. By setting criteria such as industry, job title, or company size, businesses can effectively narrow down their prospect lists and focus on the most promising leads.
Streamlined Sales Engagement
The platform offers an integrated suite of tools designed to automate and enhance sales outreach. From setting up email sequences and scheduling calls to managing follow-ups, ensures that sales professionals maintain consistent and personalized communication with potential leads.
Advanced Data Enrichment can transform incomplete lead data by filling in gaps and providing additional valuable information. This enriched data ensures a deeper understanding of leads and enables tailored outreach, boosting the chances of successful conversions.
Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting
With real-time analytics, users can continuously monitor their outreach campaigns' effectiveness. Tracking metrics such as email open rates, response rates, and other KPIs provides invaluable insights, allowing for agile strategy adjustments and ensuring maximum ROI.
Seamless CRM Integration integrates effortlessly with popular CRM data systems. This smooth integration means businesses can synchronize lead data, outreach activities, and other vital information across platforms, maintaining data integrity and streamlining operations.

Common Use Cases is a multifaceted platform primarily tailored for sales and marketing professionals. Common uses of include:

  • Lead Generation Users can tap into's vast database to identify potential leads based on various criteria such as industry, job title, company size, and more.
  • Sales Engagement offers tools to streamline and automate the outreach process. Users can set up email sequences, call tasks, and manage follow-ups, ensuring that no lead falls through the cracks.
  • Data Enrichment If a company already has a list of potential leads or contacts, can enrich that data by filling in missing information or providing additional details, enhancing the understanding of those leads and enabling more personalized outreach.
  • CRM Integration can integrate with popular CRM systems, which allows for a seamless flow of data between the platform and a company's existing CRM. This ensures that lead intelligence data and outreach activities are always up-to-date and synchronized.
  • Analytics and Reporting Users can monitor the effectiveness of their outreach campaigns through's analytics. This includes tracking email open rates, response rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) to gauge the success of sales initiatives.
  • Sales Playbooks Companies can create and implement structured sales playbooks within, ensuring that their sales teams follow best practices and maintain consistency in their outreach efforts.
  • Team Collaboration provides features that facilitate collaboration among sales teams. This can include sharing lead lists, notes on interactions, and coordinated outreach strategies.
  • Data Cleaning The platform can help identify and rectify duplicate or outdated records, ensuring that a company's lead database remains accurate and efficient.
  • Conversational Intelligence While new, Apollo recently launched conversational intelligence that analyzes your Zoom and Google Meets recordings.

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