User-friendly telephony system that integrates with nearly every CRM.

Best for: Aircall is best for monitoring voice communications in sales and support teams, offering flexibility, integration, and analytics.

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What is Aircall?


Aircall is a cloud-based phone system designed specifically for teams in sales, support, and customer experience. It offers an intuitive platform that integrates seamlessly with popular CRM, support, and other essential apps. With Aircall, businesses can set up their business phone system in minutes, enable local numbers from over 100 countries, and help manage and distribute calls efficiently among support teams no matter where they are located. Its feature-rich environment includes call recording, analytics, voicemail, and more, all designed to enhance customer service conversations.

Why do we love Aircall?


We love Aircall because it revolutionizes the way our teams handle phone support. With its cloud-based infrastructure, we can set up and manage our call center system without the complexities of traditional hardware setups. Its seamless integration with our existing business phone system means that call data and customer experience are automatically logged and organized, saving us time and ensuring accuracy. The platform's flexibility allows us to scale our operations, whether we're expanding internationally or accommodating remote team members. Additionally, the real-time analytics offer insights into our call performance, helping us continually refine our communication strategies.

Key highlights

Cloud-Based Flexibility
Set up and manage a robust phone system without the need for complex hardware, accommodating teams of any size or location.
Seamless Integration
Integrate Aircall with popular business tools, automating data logging and enhancing workflow efficiencies.
Real-time Analytics
Gain insights into call performance, duration, and team metrics to guide strategy and training.
Local Presence, Global Reach
Equip your business with local numbers from over 100 countries, enhancing your international presence.
Collaborative Features
Share call details, recordings, and notes with team members, fostering collaboration and unified customer interactions.

Common Use Cases

  • Sales Calls Equipping sales teams with a reliable phone system that integrates with CRM tools, streamlining lead outreach and management.
  • Customer Support Providing support teams with efficient call distribution, recording, and tagging to enhance customer service.
  • Remote Work Ensuring seamless communication for distributed or remote teams, maintaining consistent voice quality.
  • International Expansion Setting up local numbers in new regions to offer localized customer interactions.
  • Team Collaboration Sharing call information, notes, and recordings among team members to foster collaboration.

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