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Advanced KPI Dashboard

Organize company data like never before

With Data Desk, you can connect data from any tool and track it in real time. No one has time to log into numerous tools at once. Login to one place – do everything.

Proprietary data platform
Custom data services

Onboarding is quick.
Results are near.

Data Desk is the best of both worlds: a pre-built SaaS platform combined with insights from growth veterans.



In our quick discovery process, we'll deep-dive into the analytics you want to monitor, but also uncover the goals and benchmarks you're working toward.



Our team will build out the initial dashboards and custom metrics you're looking for, as well as send invites and automate emailed reports to your entire team.



Whether your team wants to start building out custom metrics and reports or you want Revenue Institute to, we'll customize your entire experience on Data Desk.



Every month, the Revenue Institute team will review your metrics and send you a report that helps share insights and recommendations based on data and experience.


Growth Stack

Native Integrations

Connect your entire growth stack with a few clicks. If you're missing a connector, we'll set it up for you via API in just a few days. Combine any and all data sources in custom dashboards just for you.

Proprietary Features

Leverage everything from custom metric builders and data calculations to goal tracking and scorecards with Data Desk. Combine your data sources, view your funnel, and track progress in real-time.

Pre-Built Templates

While we can customize your experience from top to bottom, get started quickly with pre-built templates across sales, marketing, customer success, and more. Access your first dashboard in minutes.


With Data Desk, we're not JUST a dashboard. We organize your data, help you build and share data reports, identify, and highlight growth trends.

Data Desk features hundreds of dashboard templates, multi-source data integration tools to make it easy to toggle between sources, and customizations that encourage past, current and future goals to hit.
Interactive Dashboard
Benchmark the CompetitionBenchmark the Competition

Benchmark the Competition

Data Desk has benchmarked growth metrics across countless industries, KPIs, and more.
  • Compare your website engagement with industry leaders
  • Measure conversion rates against competitors
  • Identify gaps in your growth compared to others
  • Benchmark every department across your organization
  • Comment and annotate dashboards with your team

Capture Insights,
Not just KPIs

We combine Data Desk with the decades of F500 and VC startups experience at ESI.

Anyone can capture KPIs, but it takes experience and constant monitoring to gather expert insights that shape and mold your strategy.
Capture Insights, Not just KPIs
Growth Intelligence Dashboards in Seconds
Data Desk starts at just $100 per month
Data Desk+ starts at just $500 per month
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